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About Portlaoise Chinese Restaurant

We, at Portlaoise Chinese restaurant always welcome all our customers with the guarantee that we serve only the best Chinese food and every single dish reflects the richness of all the Chinese flavors. We always have the aim of making customers feel comfortable and lively and enjoy all their meals happily with their family and friends. The large and varied menu that we have is suitable for everyone and the customers have all the choices to choose from as we literally have all these dishes available every time. The Chinese takeaway that we provide are so fast and steady that the customers will have to hardly wait for just a couple of minutes. We have our own app that is available to everyone in order to make orders online and contact us anytime. This app is readily available on Google Play as well as on every recognized app store.

Portlaoise Chinese Restaurant Restaurant

One can conveniently find the Portlaoise Chinese restaurant in Portlaoise as we are located in a prime area at Unit 2&3 Church Avenue. At Portlaoise, there’s hardly any restaurant that will serve such high quality Chinese food as we do. Also, with our app one can be updated about our special offers, the new dishes we include and also get other notifications about us. With a strong and a very talented team, we are confident of providing the best of restaurant and food services. The app can also help in tracking our location effectively so that one can easily reach here and have food that they won’t forget for the rest of their lives.

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